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American Milking Devon Cattle Josie and Molly "Josie" & "Mary"

OGF incorporated American Milking Devon cattle into our breeds conservation program with the arrival of two strikingly beautiful heifers from Mount Vernon, Mary and Josey, in 2006. In the intervening years we added several more cows to the OGF herd from the National Colonial Farm and now have a closed herd.

The Milking Devon is extinct in its native England. The American Milking Devon is a direct descendant from the foundation stock first brought to colonial New England in 1623. It was favored for its tri-purposes: rich milk, lean flavorful meat, and draft. Found only in the U.S. and numbering around 500 cows, the American Milking Devon is listed as a critically endangered rare breed by The Breeds Conservancy.

Handled with kindness, the American Milking Devon is a docile breed, medium in size and red in color, ranging from a deep mahogany to a light chestnut. They have medium size light colored horns. American Milking Devon thrive in a grass-based environment and in a wide range of climates. They have long been recognized for their intelligence, long productive lives, ease of calving, rich milk, and lean flavorful meat.

Our heifer calves are sold as breeding stock, frequently to small homestead, family-oriented farms. Occasionally we will select an exceptional bull calf to sell as a herd sire. The majority of our male calves are sold for either use as oxen or to be grown out as beef.

OGF Breeding Philosophy

We are dedicated to a breeding program designed to:

In the ten years we have been raising American Milking Devon we have had the benefit of being able to use numerous bulls. None impressed us more that Carolina Allen (see picture below) and, more importantly, his offspring are even more impressive. We have at this time four Allen daughters and three granddaughters from different dams. In 2014 we acquired a bull, Carolina Confederate (pictured below), a son of Allen’s full sister Carolina Rose. With this genetic nucleus, we have begun a line-breeding breeding strategy.

Why line-breeding? Simply, line-breeding increases the probability of future offspring inheriting the desirable qualities of their parents and passing them on to future generations.

What is special about this line? They are long-bodied, well-muscled, excellent temperament and excellent milkers. These are the qualities that we offer you with our OGF Devons.

Iris "Iris" Mathilda "Mathilda"

Laura "Laura"
2-Year old granddaughter of Carolina Allen
Carolina Confederate "Carolina Confederate"
at 3 years

Carolina Allen "Carolina Allen" Carolina Gjerpen "OGF Carolina Gjerpen" at 90 days out of Iris by
Confederate. Sold to Old Crowe Farm, Red Oak VA

Mathilda's Bull Calf at 6 weeks Mathilda's bull calf at 6 weeks OGF Carolina Borgia  Junior and Grand Champion 2016 Virginia State Fair "OGF Carolina Borgia" 2016 VA State Fair
Junior Champion and Grand Champion

We work hard to ensure that we produce the very best representatives of the breed and take great pride when our customers express their satisfaction

Terry Scoggin, Madison, GA 2015

“In the Spring of 2015, we decided to p